Around a third of companies are yet to invest their Apprenticeship Levy pot. Remit Group has spent the last year supporting a wide range of businesses to implement programmes, which utilise their Levy funds and bring a range of benefits. If you are still considering whether to invest your Levy pot, let us convince you why you should…

Apprenticeship programmes are as good as other training programmes!

We work with some of the UK’s biggest brands to model an apprenticeship programme around their individual business needs. Apprenticeships are not just about young people coming into the business from school, they can be used to up-skill or train existing employees. Whether you need a management programme or customer service skills – there are a wide range of high quality programmes available.

You’ll become more productive!

With the impact of Brexit on the horizon, there is no doubt there will be skills gaps in the UK workforce. The Levy offers the opportunity to think about the future skills needs and map training accordingly. Our quality assessment processes ensure those skills are also fit for purpose and offer a return on investment. If that isn’t convincing enough, employers are reporting a 76% increase in productivity when establishing a successful apprenticeship programme within their business.

You’ll retain good people!

Training, development and just that simple investment in your people, goes a long way! Motivated employees are happier, and above all more productive to your business. 96% of businesses with apprentices are also reporting higher retention rates. This reduces the cost of staff turnover and recruitment.
If you’re looking for a partner to help embrace the positive impact the Apprenticeship Levy brings, talk to Remit today by emailing