It doesn’t have to be an add on

Food Manufacture Magazine reported last week that a survey carried out by MCP Management Consultants showed there were significant gaps in training across the food and drink manufacturing industry.

At Remit Group, we work with food and drink manufacturers, delivering training very successfully with a number of clients across the country. We know for a fact, that when training is run well, it can make a tangible difference to an organisation.

When the partnership between a training provider and employer runs seamlessly, we can not only up-skill workforces but drive operational change, delivering efficiencies and contributing to business success.

Food Manufacture report that while MCP found 40% of businesses had an effective apprenticeship programme, just 7% look at continuous training and problem solving with their manufacturing and maintenance staff.

Although this may currently be the overall picture, it’s certainly not the experience we have with our food manufacturing clients. We don’t look at the apprenticeship programmes we deliver as ‘stand alone’ training.

We work very closely with the employers we partner with, to develop a programme that not only helps individuals to achieve their qualifications, but that looks at the needs of the business. We build apprentices’ skills, confidence and knowledge of the production line to drive efficiencies. apply LEAN principles and develop ways in which an operational task can be delivered with greater efficiency.

In the case of our work with one employer in Kent, we have seen apprentices continue into management positions, given further training and development opportunities, while saving their company literally tens of thousands of pounds in the process; creating more streamlined processes, problem-solving, and finding a better way to deliver.

We don’t see continuous improvement and problem solving as an ‘add on’ to the apprenticeship scheme, but as an integral part of our training and development programme. We spend time focusing on empowering our apprentices to drive forward change and tell their managers what’s not working and how they can make improvements.

Much of this delivery is down to our people, and I’m very proud to say that. We don’t just offer employers a development coach who can administer an apprenticeship, we provide them with experienced professionals, who have worked in the industry for many years and can bring their knowledge and skills to the table.

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