1. Integrity
Walk the talk. An effective manager leads by example. A good leader not only does the right thing but is seen to be doing the right thing.

2. Team building
Management isn’t just about selecting the best people for the job regardless of gender, ethnicity and other differences; a good manager gets everyone on board, building on shared core values and ensures the whole team works together towards a common goal. Fostering relationships with stakeholders from both within the organisation and outside it – with customers, suppliers and service providers is also a key skill.

3. Communication
To get the most out of their teams, managers must be able to clearly communicate their objectives and expectations. A good manager ensures everyone knows what their role is, explains the expectations for that role and gets clear agreement on deliverables or outputs from the team. This clarity helps keep employees engaged, with something to work towards.
In addition, open, honest communication builds trust. Good leaders provide honest and effective feedback, and they don’t shy away from the difficult conversations.

4. Emotional intelligence
It’s important for managers to be able to recognise that things don’t always work out as planned. A good manager takes the good with the bad but learns from both outcomes. And Emotionally fit leaders are self-aware and recognise the impact their behavior, language and emotions have on team members. They are able to manage their stress levels and, moreover, are better able to motivate and inspire their colleagues more effectively.

5. Delegation
Learning to delegate tasks is a key skill for managers. The more a leader takes on, the less they achieve because they are stretched too thin.

6. Decision-making
The measure of a good manager is how soon and how effectively make decisions. Managers need to be able to call on all the relevant information to make key decisions quickly. A lack of decisiveness leads to missed opportunities. And it’s just as important to make sure that once made, those decisions are then implemented, and achieve the desired results. But managers also mustn’t be afraid to change course. Leadership is a series of decisions, made with competence and confidence.

7. Collaboration
Managers must avoid a silo mentality. It’s imperative in today’s interconnected organisations to share information across all departments and levels. A lack of collaboration leads to power struggles and lowered productivity. Managers must be able to promote collaboration by unifying teams, within and outside organisations by setting common goals and encouraging collaborative working.

8. Flexibility
No two people are the same – everyone has a different style of working. An essential skill for managers is the ability to adapt their management style to the diverse needs within their team.

Developing leaders of the future
As part of its suite of leadership and management apprenticeships, Remit Group delivers the Operations / departmental manager Level 5 apprenticeship.

This programme supports those with key responsibilities that include creating and delivering operational plans, leading teams and managing projects including change, financial and resource management, coaching and mentoring of teams or individuals.

Through key themes of organisational performance, interpersonal excellence and personal effectiveness, managers are trained to deliver results, manage people and develop strong relationships, as well as how to manage themselves to become more emotionally aware of the impact their actions and behaviours have on teams.

On this apprenticeship programme, managers learn specific operational management approaches and models, including how to create plans that deliver objectives and how to set appropriate KPIs. They can build effective teams by understanding different leadership styles and how to use them to motivate and improve team performance through effective communication and strong interpersonal skills and techniques.

For more information on how to support your future managers or how the apprenticeship levy can grow your next generation of future leaders, please contact one of our experts today.