Apprenticeships – think differently!

As part of a series of thought-provoking employer engagement events, hosted by Remit Group, delegates were invited to a central London venue in November, and challenged to define the Art of the Possible.

As an industry leading apprenticeship and training provider, Remit Group enables HR, L&D, and senior training professionals access to continuous learning and development using events as an on-going opportunity for delegates to engage and share thought leadership with a likeminded audience.

In its simplest form, the Art of the Possible is a daily challenge for all Remit colleagues to explore best practice, push boundaries and continually seek to do better for learners and clients alike.

To offer some perspectives and stimulate effective networking and knowledge sharing, Remit Group was joined on this occasion by three exciting key note speakers.

Keynote speakers:

Martin-Christian Kent

Labour market specialist, Martin-Christian Kent, provided insight in to the key global trends that will define tomorrow’s skills challenges and highlighted steps that employers can take now to prepare and take advantage of the critical labour market issues that will dominate industry in the next five to ten years.

Steve Dineen

CEO and chief storyteller of Fuse Universal, Steve Dineen, explored the evolving role of L&D teams, who will change from order takers to value makers with the creation of hyper-personalised learning content. Gone are the days of just creating courses, and instead L&D teams have the potential to become strategic and become critical in the way an organisation thrives and survives.

Carly Fish

Carly Fish, Skills & Education Lead at Nando’s, one of Remit’s brilliant employer partners, then invited delegates to join her on the journey Nando’s has taken to embrace technology and embed it within their learning and development strategy.

Take a look at some photographs from our Art of the Possible event:

A key element of any Remit event is the opportunity for delegates to actively participate in discussion with peers and other senior industry experts.

The event topics included the skills businesses will need to develop to remain competitive in the future, how technology can be used to enhance the learning experience, how apprenticeships fit into long-term L&D strategies and how to use apprenticeships to engage a workforce in a programme of lifelong learning.

These events are designed to enable senior HR, training and development and apprenticeship programme managers to discuss current policy and future developments that will have the greatest impact on training and workforce development strategies going forward.

Shaping technology

As part of a commitment to developing quality apprenticeship programmes, Remit Group continues to invest in technology and create delivery models that integrate seamlessly into a modern learning environment.

As the ‘Generation Z’ of learners have grown up in a world where the internet, smartphones and tablets are the norm, digital learning platforms are a must to foster greater engagement and attainment with this audience.

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Rebooting lifelong learning

As we see roles constantly evolving so there is a need for people to constantly reskill. Employers in 2019 are not questioning “What is the role you’ll fill?”, but instead, “What skills can you provide?”. In 2020 it may be, “How open are you to learning new skills and adapting to the roles we ask you to fill in the future?”

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