Did you know that 1 in 10 children and young people* are affected by mental health problems? These are often a direct response to what is happening in their personal lives.

Some of the reasons include:

• Relationships problems

• Self-harm

• Anxiety due to exams

• Eating disorders

• Cyber bullying.

Have you experienced any of these issues? It is so important that if you are facing mental health challenges you still have the same opportunity to complete your apprenticeship as others.

In conjunction with Remploy, Remit are working to ensure equality of opportunity:

1. We can refer you to receive tailored, individual support to help you overcome any mental health challenges that you are facing.

2. We are working to change existing perceptions that some employers may have, to ensure that they have a strong understanding of mental health in the workplace and an appreciation of the challenges that you may experience. Through our specialised support we aim to build your confidence and develop your skills

Together, we can work to change the perceptions of mental health in the workplace, by being more open about it.

You can talk to us about your support needs at any time throughout your apprenticeship. Please contact us on:

0115 975 9550 asking for Learning Support and Inclusion or email us at lsf@remit.co.uk

*Mental Health Foundation

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