Retail team leaders are a critical support to managers and the general running of your business, delivering exceptional customer service and a positive experience to customers, and may have to deputise for managers in their absence. The role is dynamic and in one day can involve a variety of different functions. Most significantly retail team leaders guide and coordinate the work of the team to complete tasks, identify and explore opportunities that drive sales, ensuring team members maintain business standards in relation to merchandising, service and promotional activities, in line with procedures. Retail team leaders gain the most of their team on a day to day basis, ensuring they are fully trained and work effectively and to the best of their ability.


There’s no formal entry requirements for your employees to start this apprenticeship, so you can set your own entry requirements. However, it is expected that the individual would have worked with an operational role within the industry to start on this apprenticeship standard.


This apprenticeship will last at least 12 months.

On programme support

Dedicated Remit digital skills trainers

EP (electronic portfolio)


We work with our employer partners to take the cost of delivering the relevant qualifications, combined with the relevant funding to provide a cost-effective solution with a demonstrable return on investment.