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The exam results are in. For hundreds of thousands of young people, it sees the culmination of months of stress, sweaty palm and nervous, tetchy teenagers.

Now, armed with the results of their hard work, many young people will be making new choices, perhaps for the first time as to what they do next.

So, it’s important to get the facts. 


Got your results? Wondering what to do next? An apprenticeship is a paid job with training. A great way to earn some money, learn some new stills and build a career with support and guidance.

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We know this is a key time in a school leavers life and the important role careers advisors and teachers play in it. Find out all about apprenticeships so you can give the best advice.

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Get the facts, know the important information to help your young person make the best decisions for them. Whatever their results, they still have choices.

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Many employers use apprenticeships to engage with a school leaver market and a new source of talent. See what apprenticeships, and school leavers could do for your business.

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