What does it mean to recognise and celebrate LGBT+ within your workplace? It celebrates difference, understands similarities and promotes diversity.

“Nobody is the same. If we were all the same it would be bloody boring.” – Peter Hook

Businesses often find success through their diverse employment. Having different characteristics working in different ways to achieve the same goal. This difference could be many things; personality, gender, age and even sexuality.

But why is LGBT+ so important? That’s what you’re thinking right?

With 7% of the UK’s population identifying as Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual with an estimated 1% recognising themselves as Trans. It’s really difficult to gather statistics! Due to a lack of understanding and stigma still being rife we all have a social responsibility to do the right thing. An average of 8% of your business could be LGBT+.

The LGBT survey conducted by UK Government recognises that LGBT individuals are dissatisfied with their life within the UK. With 24% accessing mental health services, 2% undergoing conversion therapy and 20% facing homophobic abuse. It is easy for us to understand why this sadness may be the case.

Developing an inclusive workforce promotes a happy workforce. Recognising difference and developing an equal notion of respect are just some of the key ways businesses are promoting their diverse workforce. Many organisations recognise and celebrate their LGBT+ employees through the development of same-sex inclusive benefits, acting hard against homophobia and develop programmes with LGBT+ people in mind. Here are Remit – we are gleaming with pride to promote our LGBT Inclusion programme to our employers and learners. Helping to educate on LGBT+ history, inclusivity and social responsibility. Other organisations show their true-pride colours by adapting their logos and marketing to promote Pride Month.

What can your business do? 

We would invite you to join our LGBT+ Inclusion programme (of course) but you can show your pride-colours in marketing, develop a positive culture and supportIng local LGBT+ communities.

Our friends over at Glassdoor have presented 10 ways to support LGBT+ Employees…

  1. Develop a Clear Mission for Supporting LGBT in the Workplace
  2. Take LGBT Discrimination Seriously
  3. Develop Support Programmes for LGBT Employees
  4. Promote Allies of LGBT People
  5. Get Support from Senior Staff
  6. Support the Local LGBT Community
  7. Offer LGBT-Friendly Benefits
  8. Foster a Gender-Neutral Environment
  9. Keep Track of Success
  10. Support Transgender Employees

These are just some of the ways you can support your business and support your LGBT+ employers at the same time. Take pride in your workforce, take pride in your people and promote pride within your workplace.

John Mckenna