‘Bouncebackability’, a phrase first coined in 2004, is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from a setback. In the IT and Digital world, where there is already a huge skills gap, bouncebackability is going to be more important than ever. How companies deal with and recover from this incredibly difficult and unique period will be what defines their future. Now more than ever, skills matter. Keeping costs to a minimum whilst the country gets back onto an even keel is important to ensure that businesses stay afloat, but the right talent and skills in your business is what will drive you on to future success.  Achieving the balance between managing the current challenges and building your business for future growth looks set to be a huge challenge for many businesses, but talk to us, we can help.


Your business can use the time that we are all going to have to reflect on your position, your outlook and what you can do better in the future. You can look at the current cash within the business, determine what demand there will be for your product, what new product or service offerings you can develop, and what your growth will look like in the short, medium and long-term. From there, you can then determine what your recruitment plans are going to look like. This is where Remit Training’s IT Academy can come into your planning thoughts.


In the IT and Digital marketplace, we are no strangers to the challenge of attracting and retaining the right talent. The TechNation Report 2020 monitors the growth of the sector and provides information about the opportunities and challenges to come. UK tech investment increased by 44% over the last year, breaking the record for tech investment in the UK.  Of this, 81.2% was made into high-growth, high productivity scaleup firms. Due to this growth, there has been a 150% increase in demand for roles within the digital technology sector. With such exponential growth, comes great challenge. An ageing workforce, a shortage of workers with experience, Brexit, and now Coronavirus, all these factors have contributed to a massive deficit in digital skills. Even a quick search on a jobs board highlights the gap and the inflated salaries businesses are having to pay to get people on board.


So, what are the other options for businesses to develop the talent and skills they need to grow?


  • Apprentices – businesses can take on a new hire and grow their own digital workforce organically, through high quality on and off the job training
  • Workforce Development – Train and develop existing and loyal members of staff in the areas you need them most, building long term engagement in your business


These options are available both now and in the future, and there are zero recruitment costs.

The Remit IT Academy has several programmes to choose from, including:

  • Infrastructure Technician
  • Software Development Technician
  • Digital Marketing
  • Technical Sales
  • IT Solutions Technician (coming soon)
  • Digital Support Technician (coming soon)

How can this work now? Providing the role fits the relevant apprenticeship standard, you can enrol learners today. As most of the UK workforce is remote working, this can be done virtually. We can provide the training, set them away with their learning materials, delivered through technology, which seems natural given the sector we all work in! You can give the apprentice the tasks you want to complete, and set up check in calls with them, mentoring them through the process. When you return to the office, your apprentice will already be well on their journey to developing the essential skills and behaviours they need to enhance your business.


What if you are not able to do this now? This is understandable, many businesses are in the exact same position, so don’t worry. We can put plans in place to understand your business requirement for both now and the future. We will work with you to determine the options that are available to you and the roles/functions that you require the most support with. We can advertise today, finding you the apprentice you need, with the view to starting them when the UK returns to normal working conditions.


As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”. Get in touch today to see how we can help.