With A-Level and GCSE results firmly on the horizon, young people are faced with many choices for their future career. And with around half of 14 to 24-year olds feeling that they don’t receive good career advice, there is a lot to think about.

So whether you’re a school or college leaver, why exactly might an apprenticeship appeal to you?

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships in a nutshell are qualifications gained while in the workplace. You work and study for a nationally recognised qualification while getting paid. And its not just that, today’s apprenticeships have been developed in partnership with a wide number of employers to ensure they offer the most relevant training for your chosen career path.

Apprenticeships are available at a number of levels:

  • Level 2 – intermediate
  • Level 3 – advanced
  • Level 4/5 – higher
  • Level 6 – degree

With over 1500 roles to choose from across these levels, the opportunities are endless!

So why choose an apprenticeship?

Earn while you learn

Aside from the development of skills demanded by many of today’s employers, the financial benefits of apprenticeships should not be overlooked.  The average debt of a student at graduation now stands at £50k. While for many this may be a good investment for an academic career such as a doctor, for many of today’s modern roles an apprenticeship can be a smarter financial decision.

For example, someone working in IT on an apprenticeship can expect to earn £20-50K more over a three-year period than a graduate in their first three years of work. And with 31% of graduates working in lower than graduate roles, this is an attractive proposition.

Many large employers are now offering good apprenticeship salaries with the benefits of employment meaning earnings are extremely competitive to other roles.

A foot on the career ladder

Many of today’s apprenticeship programmes have been developed by a group of employers known as ‘Trailblazers’. This has stemmed from the Governments increasing commitment to Apprenticeships and ensuring they are fit for the workplace. Many sectors are using apprenticeships to fill increasing skills gaps and identify talent for the future of their business. One such industry is automotive who are investing heavily in apprenticeships to find the mechanics, paint sprayers and technicians of tomorrow in an increasingly technological marketplace. A similar situation exists in food and drink with changing models of food manufacture, cookery and front of house hospitality.

The biggest brands love Apprenticeships

Remit work with many major brands who are investing heavily in their own training programmes in order to maximise the benefits of their apprenticeship levy. Apprenticeships are being used for bespoke training programmes from customer service to management to food manufacturing. Remit help them to secure the best talent to bring into their business offering some serious career opportunities for school and -a-level leavers. Such brands include Starbucks, Nandos, WH Smith, The Body Shop and British Car Auctions (BCA).

The decreasing popularity of University

UCAS reported a 4% decline in university applications in 2017 and those reporting university as a good or very good career option has fallen from 53% to 35% in just 5 years. With university fees set at around £9k a year and the prospect of debt, an apprenticeship is a very attractive alternative with no studying fees to pay. An apprenticeship compared to a degree can accelerate your career with shorter study times, more practical skills and being able to study to suit your personal life.

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