If you’re following us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you’ll have noticed that we are debunking the most common apprenticeship myths, from wages they offer to the sectors they are available in. Here we discuss the 5 most common myths about Apprenticeships and offer the real facts.

  1. Apprenticeships are only for people who didn’t do well at school, and my child won’t be able to go onto Uni if they do one.

Wrong! Whilst an apprenticeship will certainly support someone who didn’t do so well academically, apprenticeships come in all types of levels, from GCSE to degree! Your child’s chances of going to University are also not affected; many Apprentices choose to go on to University after they complete their apprenticeship to go even further in their chosen field of work. The practical experience they have gained helps them climb the ladder quicker.

  1. Apprenticeships are only for manual labour jobs

This is one of the most common myths in apprenticeships. Your child certainly can do a more manual role with an apprenticeship, but did you know they can also do apprenticeships in IT, Hospitality, Food Manufacturing, Digital Marketing, Retail, Business Administration and Operations Management?!

  1. If my child does an apprenticeship, they’ll just be making tea and coffee

Not at all. Employers are hiring apprentices, so they can train them to do a specific role, often to fill a skills gap that exists in the company, and often the industry. So, whilst they certainly might be part of the office tea round, that certainly won’t be their job! They’ll work alongside qualified members of staff to learn the tricks of the trade and study for their qualifications, becoming a valued member of the team.

  1. Apprenticeships don’t lead to full time jobs

Although this can be a worry for someone about to undertake an apprenticeship, in reality more than 90% of apprentices stay in employment after their course ends, with 67% remaining with the same employer! There’s certainly scope for long time employment, if that’s what they’re looking for.

  1. Apprentices aren’t paid a decent wage

This is a real concern for parents whose children are considering an Apprenticeship. There’s often a feeling that apprentices are little more than cheap labour for unscrupulous companies. This is simply untrue. Businesses are looking for the best talent and are often willing to pay more than you think. It is true that your child will be earning more once they’re qualified, but they will receive all their training and qualifications without the debt of university.