We deliver more than 5,000 apprenticeships every year across a number of market sectors. We offer a blend of services including bespoke curriculum design, brand engagement and the use of the latest learning techniques to our growing list of partners.


At Remit, our business began in the Automotive sector where we have operated for many years. We work with a wide range of employers along with key sector organisations such as the IMI and RMI to deliver the highest quality automotive apprenticeship programmes available.

Our apprentices benefit from our purpose build Academy based in Derby and come from all over the country to access our high-quality training.

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We support a wide number of clients with business related apprenticeship training from Customer Service to Business Administration. We work across a number of settings to support their back office functions. The skills a business services apprentice will learn are transferrable to a range of different environments, helping them to move around your business as and where needed.

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The health and social care sector is one of the largest employment sectors in the UK spanning across the NHS, private and voluntary organisations. 

We work with a number of employers within this sector to address the needs for skilled and highly qualified care workers.

We ensure our apprentices are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to care for people in need and ensure they are provided with the best possible client experience.

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Food Manufacturing

The food production sector is now one of the largest employment sectors in the UK and skills are continually in demand.

We work with food manufacturing organisations to provide high-quality training that is bespoke to our employers across a wide range of food production settings. We partner with our employers to ensure employees are fully up to date and trained in the latest technological advances in food production to help organisations realise efficiency gains and a return on investment.

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The hospitality sector is an ever growing fast paced industry that requires reliable and well trained people. We partner with restaurants, hotels, pubs and a variety of other hospitality settings to help their people develop the skills and knowledge required to be successful in their role. 

The retention of employees in the Hospitality industry is often a challenge with key skills shortages in roles such as Commis Chef. We help our employer partners to maximise apprenticeship training to invest in new and current colleagues to provide a positive impact on their business.

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As the IT industry continues to grow and evolve, the demand for quality skills across IT and Digital are essential.  

We work with a number of employers to develop skills in IT Technical Sales, IT infrastructure coding and digital marketing.

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Remit are delighted to be graded Outstanding by Ofsted for its Leadership and Management delivery. We work with a wide range of employers in a number of settings to help them develop their leaders of tomorrow using apprenticeship training.

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Today, the UK retail industry faces its most competitive environment in decades. With the shift in customer preference towards online shopping, employees and the service they offer the customer has never been more important.

 We work with a number of leading high street brands to ensure that their people are trained and equipped with the skills and knowledge they require to deliver excellent customer service and customer experience.

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