Advice to Working Links Staff

We are very sorry to hear about the unfortunate news that Working Links has gone into administration and appreciate how unsettling this may be for committed colleagues in the organisation. The training industry is fiercely competitive, and it’s been heart warming to see the sector pulling together to support their colleagues who, through no fault of their own have found themselves redundant. We’d like to extend an invitation to anyone who is struggling to find [...]

5 reasons to embark in an I.T career

So, you’re thinking of working in I.T ? It’s a fast paced industry on the forefront of innovation and it’s a very popular industry to work in, but if you’re still not sure here’s 5 reasons to start your I.T career. Variety Long gone are the days of I.T staff just working for corporate companies. In a technical world, I.T staff are needed across all sectors in all companies. You could find yourself working almost [...]

Why it pays to do an I.T apprenticeship

From higher wages to securing your future career, there's many reasons to do an I.T apprenticeship. But when you're taking a first look into Apprenticeships, it can be nerve wracking, after all, you're deciding your next 12-18 months!Here, we take a look at some of the reasons it pays to work in I.T!Earn whilst you learnNot only will you be learning your trade from experienced professionals, you’ll be getting paid to do it! Apprenticeships have [...]

Why it’s time to hire apprentices not just graduates

Increasingly, many of the country’s largest employers are looking beyond traditional graduate training schemes to fill their talent pipeline and are turning to apprentices to fulfill their recruitment needs.   There has been a noticeable shift in the way young people are recruited to the world of work and today, employers regard apprenticeships highly, and consider apprentices to be a great fit for a business.   Christine Hodgson, chair of technology company Capgemini UK, says, [...]

UCAS Deadline Day! Uni, or an Apprenticeship? Why not both?

It’s hard when you’re torn between going to university or starting an apprenticeship. University has historically been seen as the crème de la crème of education, while apprenticeships were seen as routes into more manual jobs. However, times have changed and so have opinions on Apprenticeships. So many students are now realising that potential employers value work experience and the transferable skills gained from an Apprenticeship. Obviously, for some roles such as, Doctors, Nurses and [...]

10 reasons to let a training provider manage your apprentice recruitment needs.

Whether you are a company hiring an apprentice for the first time, or an individual looking for a new apprenticeship opportunity, there are major benefits to using a training provider, like Remit, to manage your recruitment activities. At Remit Group, we pride ourselves in the quantity and caliber of candidates we supply to our clients. We integrate with existing systems, hire to a clients’ specifications and make the process as easy and seamless as possible. [...]

Top tips for your Apprenticeship interview

Before the interview… Research the company Spend some time researching the company as this will give you confidence should you be asked a question on what the company does. It will also allow you to ask the employer questions. Prepare for the interview… Find out what the interview will involve; make sure you’re prepared. Finding out how long the interview is likely to last will give you an idea of how detailed the interview will [...]

5 things to consider when appointing a training provider

If your business has a new years resolution to invest in your staff through Apprenticeships and utilize your Apprenticeship Levy, it can be a minefield to find the right provider. Here we discuss 5 things to consider when choosing your new apprenticeship provider. Industry experience The first point to consider is if the training provider has experience in your industry, and if so, how much? Look for long lasting partnerships with businesses similar to yours [...]

5 celebrities that started as apprentices…

If you think that apprenticeships are only for low paid jobs in an industrial environment with little room for progression and you DEFINITELY won’t be as successful as someone who has a degree, think again. Check out the stories of five top celebrities, from across a range of industries who all started out as apprentices and see what you really could accomplish with an apprenticeship.   Jamie Oliver Top celebrity chef Jamie Oliver left school [...]

Can you do an apprenticeship after a degree?

In recent years the image and perception of apprenticeships has undoubtedly changed for the better. Traditionally seen as a job for a school leaver in an industrial environment, a great deal of work has been done to position apprenticeships as an attractive and credible alternative to college or university and with more and more firms creating fantastic apprenticeship schemes aimed at young people leaving school many are taking this option. But, for those considering their [...]

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