MAN Truck & Bus UK Appoints Remit Group as new Apprenticeship Provider

MAN Truck and Bus UK has announced its appointment of Remit Group as their new training partner, to deliver its apprenticeship programmes nationally. To support the development of the MAN Apprenticeship Academy, MAN Truck and Bus UK has chosen Remit Group to deliver its technical and non-technical apprenticeship programmes across its Truck Centres and Service Centres within the MAN UK Network. The MAN Apprenticeship Academy develops young people for the Retail network in order to [...]

Remit secures two Investors in People awards

Remit secures two Investors in People awards National training provider, Remit Group, has achieved two highly prestigious Investors in People Awards, which are given to organisations that demonstrate excellence in developing and supporting its teams as well as a strong commitment to the health and wellbeing of its colleagues. Remit Group has received the IIP Gold Award, in recognition of its consultative approach and investment in colleagues, as well as the IIP Health and Wellbeing [...]

A reboot of lifelong learning can support a technological age

A reboot of lifelong learning can support a technological age The digital disruption being felt across almost every industry, is causing many to be dismantled and re-thought. As guests order food to their room from Uber Eats rather that use the restaurant, hotels must rethink their customer experience strategy. As Monzo, the on-line bank, creates a greater – albeit digital-footprint, the banks with physical infrastructure are no less effected. The training for some jobs in [...]

Rowen takes Apollo mission to World Skills finals!

Rowen takes Apollo mission to World Skills finals! Twenty-year-old Rowen Small from Cheltenham represented his business and training provider last week, as he competed for the title of Body Repair Apprentice of the Year at the World Skills UK Finals! Rowen, who completed his Level 3 body repair apprenticeship in July, narrowly missed out on the top spot. The now-qualified technician is based at Apollo Motor Group in Cheltenham. He was put forward for World [...]

Five trends that will shape the use of learning technology

Five trends that will shape the use of learning technology As part of a commitment to developing quality apprenticeship programmes, Remit Group continues to invest in technology and create delivery models that integrate seamlessly into a modern learning environment. As the ‘Generation Z’ of learners have grown up in a world where the internet, smartphones and tablets are the norm, digital learning platforms are a must to foster greater engagement and attainment with this audience. [...]

Top skills every manager needs to master to become an effective leader.

1. Integrity Walk the talk. An effective manager leads by example. A good leader not only does the right thing but is seen to be doing the right thing. 2. Team building Management isn’t just about selecting the best people for the job regardless of gender, ethnicity and other differences; a good manager gets everyone on board, building on shared core values and ensures the whole team works together towards a common goal. Fostering relationships [...]

Poor mental health – spotting the signs in your employees

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always”, wrote bestselling author Brad Meltzer. When managing a team, it’s important to be aware that often what you see in your colleagues is just the tip of the iceberg. Ill mental health can strike at any time and isn’t always triggered a response to acute trauma, such as a bereavement or a relationship breakdown. As a result, it’s important to be [...]

5 tips for supporting mental health in the workplace

At any given moment 1 in 6 of the UK workforce are experiencing a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or stress. Whether this is situational; as a result of relationship breakdown or bereavement, or long-term, it can have consequences on an employee’s performance. We know that organisations perform better when their staff are healthy, motivated and focused and more and more top employers are supporting their employees who may be struggling with their [...]

Scania celebrates best-in-class students at its annual Apprentice of the Year competition

Scania (Great Britain) Limited has this week staged its 2019 Apprentice of the Year competition, an event designed to test, recognise and reward the skills of its top performing Apprentice Technicians. The contest is an annual fixture on the Scania calendar and is open to all Scania Apprentices across its UK dealership network.  Apprentices reached the final following nominations based on their aptitude and attitude, their behaviours in the dealership and performance on block release, [...]

Gen Z – The now generation of digital marketers

It’s becoming a fact that the digital tools that are reshaping our economy make more sense to younger, ‘digital natives’ than to members of older generations. Businesses not tapping into this generation of digital consumers are missing a chance when it comes to their digital marketing. According to research by online bank Kasasa earlier this year, the average Gen Z-er received their first mobile phone just after their tenth birthday, grew up in a [...]

Creating an IT CV – What employers are looking for

If you’re looking to make the next step in your career with an IT Apprenticeship, it’s important to tailor your CV to the role, as well as the industry you’re applying for. Competition for IT apprenticeships can be fierce, especially in specialised roles such as software development. So, how can you make your CV really stand out from the competition? IT Recruitment Manager Sam Mitchell told us, “There’s a few things we look for [...]

Interviewing for your first apprentice

It might be your apprentice’s first interview, and it might be your first time interviewing for an apprentice, which can be nerve wracking all round! To help you out, we’ve put together some top tips for making sure your apprenticeship interview matches you to the perfect apprentice. Look for their personality Typically, an apprentice won’t have much, if any job experience. For some apprentices this interview could be their first! Instead of work experience, [...]

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