Rowen’s Apollo mission is a real success!

Twenty-year-old Rowen Small from Cheltenham has just completed his Level 3 body repair apprenticeship, and has been named a World Skills UK finalist for 2019. The now-qualified technician is based at Apollo Motor Group in Cheltenham. Apollo works with national training provider, Remit Group, to deliver its UK apprenticeship programme. Rowen was put forward for World Skills UK 2019, by his Remit apprenticeship development coach. In June he joined 17 fellow apprentices selected for the [...]

Scania Heavy Vehicle Apprentice ready to take on the world!

Twenty two-year-old Rob Darroch is looking forward to joining some of the UK’s top heavy vehicle apprentices, as he takes part in this year’s prestigious World Skills UK competition. The heavy-vehicle apprentice technician from the Wirral has been working for Scania specialist, Haydock Commercials, at Ellesmere Port for the past three years. Rob will now complete time managed practical skills assessments to determine whether he should make it through to the final six in his [...]

Post GCSEs: A Parents’ Guide

GCSE results day can be a nerve-wracking time for parents and teens alike. After a long wait since the exams finished, this could be the first time your child has had to make any real-life decisions. As parents you will be key to understanding the implications of these results so it’s vital you know what they mean and what the options are afterwards. When they open their envelopes, there might be some disappointed teens but [...]

Stonegate Pub Company uses apprenticeships to reducing chef turnover by 32%

This month hundreds of thousands of school leavers are entering the workforce talent pool for the first time. Armed with exam results, this can represent an excellent opportunity for employers, across all sectors, to engage with a fresh stream of talent. Some however, can be concerned about the level of support needed to get a school leaver ‘work-ready’. With the help of Remit Group, thousands of employers are using apprenticeships to provide the ongoing learning, [...]

How to deal with common worries around results time

1. “I’m worried I won’t be able to get onto my course or apprenticeship of choice.” If you don’t do as well as you'd hoped, it’s important not to panic. Talk to your teachers and careers advisors and if you are looking at an apprenticeship talk to your employer or the apprenticeship training provider. They will help you understand what the options are and what you can now do to secure the ideal course or [...]

Former Dancer moves to a new tune

Lydia Neighbour dreamed of being a professional dancer. She focused on little else. But now she is enjoying her new career as a Technical Sales Apprentice at Hewlett Packard Enterprises. She explains, “I was very much fixed on becoming a dancer. I trained all the time, so I had little time for anything else. I did my A levels alongside my training, as a backup almost.” When she has to finally give up on her [...]

Abbie’s Apprenticeship with Sytner Porsche

After completing her ‘A’ Levels last year, and considering her options, Abbie Nelson decided that she needed a more vocational route to get into her dream job. “Because of the subjects I chose at A level I didn’t have the right qualifications to do mechanics at University for example, so I thought, why not get straight into an apprenticeship and straight into the work place instead”, she says. Abbie is now on an apprenticeship with [...]

Parents keep calm, they still have choices

The exam results are in. For hundreds of thousands of parents, this week sees the culmination of months of stress, sweaty palms, nervous, tetchy teenagers as they can finally open their A Level results. You will have agreed, no doubt, sometime in June, that there was nothing else anyone could do after the final exam was completed. But now, armed with the results of their hard work, many young people will be making new choices, [...]

Why it’s time to hire apprentices not just graduates

Increasingly, many of the country’s largest employers are looking beyond traditional graduate training schemes to fill their talent pipeline and are turning to apprentices to fulfill their recruitment needs. At a time when hundreds of thousands of school leavers will be getting exam results and thinking about their first career steps, there is a noticeable shift in the way young people are being recruited with employers regarding apprenticeships highly and consider apprentices to be a [...]

Scania: Ciaran’s story

Ciaran Blakemore (26), is General Manager at Scania Southampton. He has been in his current position since October 2018, but his journey started, at Scania Heathrow in 2012 at the age of 20, when Ciaran started a Heavy Vehicle Technician apprenticeship. For those getting their exam results this week, he is urging anyone considering their first steps into the world of work this year to really think about doing an apprenticeship and take advantage of [...]

10 reasons YOU should do an Apprenticeship

Work, learn and earn after GCSE results day! Since 2015, regulations changed and 16- and 17-year olds who have completed their GCSEs now need to be in some kind of recognised work or training until their 18th birthday.   That can mean going to a sixth form or college to study A levels or a vocational course or it could be going on to an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship means that you can get the training [...]

Tracy Barrett: training the next generation

As part of National Hospitality Week, our very own Tracy Barrett, Operations Manager here at Remit sat down with us to discuss her career so far in hospitality.   Hi Tracy! Thanks for sitting down with us. Maybe you could start by telling us how you started in the hospitality industry? Absolutely, upon leaving college I joined a local Public Relations Company which was a very varied role involving booking and attending events for clients.  [...]

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