Gen-Z and Millenials have an unfair rep, and social media often shares memes and articles poking fun of the younger generations reliance on technology. But is it fair or completely unfounded? Could these skills be instrumental in helping businesses keep up with an every growing digital world?

This National Apprenticeship Week we’re encouraging employers to “look beyond.” 

It’s becoming a fact that the digital tools that are reshaping our economy make more sense to younger, ‘digital natives’ than to members of older generations. Businesses not tapping into this generation of digital consumers are missing a chance when it comes to their digital marketing.

According to research by online bank Kasasa earlier this year, the average Gen Z-er received their first mobile phone just after their tenth birthday, grew up in a hyper-connected world and on average spends at least three hours a day on some kind of mobile device. So they get it, yeah?

Generation Z, which includes those born between 1997 and the early 2010s, don’t know a time before mobile phones and tablets. “Ancient” technology such as floppy disks aren’t even a memory to this generation of streamers and you-tubers, which makes them the perfect candidates to support your digital marketing efforts. They are the most connected, technologically empowered generation, and their inherent sense of what’s going on, both culturally and digitally, is what sets them up for success.

A much touted “fact” about Gen Z is that they have an eight second attention span, less than that of a goldfish. However, research also suggests they actually have an innate filter to cut through information they do not need within the first eight seconds of consuming it. Just watch them swiping and sliding through their insta account and imagine the impact this could have on your content marketing strategy.

Gen Z are notoriously cynical, and dislike being sold to. They skip misplaced adverts, leave badly judged product placements and reject disingenuous politics. These skills mean these human filters can be perfect candidates for adding the ‘cut-through’ to any digital marketing strategy.

Hire an apprentice

Thinking of hiring a digital marketing apprentice?

A mobile savvy, digital marketing apprentice can be the difference between an average and a viral digital campaign.
Hire an apprentice

Use an Apprenticeship to secure this talent

A mobile savvy, digital marketing apprentice can be the difference between an average and a viral digital campaign.

As well as creating brand identity and awareness or promoting a suite of products, they can be tasked with data gathering, customer engagement and can set up and manage social media platforms, which is an advantage if your business wants to engage this particular generation.

Remit can help you create your own in-house digital marketing strategists. Given our years of experience in the digital sector we are perfectly placed to support your business through our specialist delivery of Digital Marketer Apprenticeship Standard at Level 3.

We can assist you in either recruiting an apprentice in to your business or help you access the apprenticeship levy to upskill an existing member of staff in all of the latest digital marketing techniques.

Our flexible, blended learning approach allows us to deliver high quality training that meets the needs of the apprentice and the employer.