Former apprentice and Light Vehicle Technician, Josh Utting, can’t speak highly enough of his apprenticeship with Lindleys Autocentres and Remit Group.


Earlier this year Josh, 19, completed his Light Vehicle Technician Level 3 qualification and he continues to be a dedicated member of the team at Lindleys Autocentres.


Based at Lindleys’ Carlton branch, Josh says he was destined to work in the motor industry: “I had just grown up around cars and motorsport. I was never going to go to university, and I thought, I’m so much better with my hands. This apprenticeship was the perfect fit for me.


“I did start off on an apprenticeship with another garage, but then they had to sell up. Luckily, I found Lindleys, which was the best thing to happen really.


“These guys have supported me so much and Remit was really supportive too. I came to Remit when I was just about to finish my Level 2 and they were amazing at letting me complete that qualification at the right time, getting me ready for my Level 3.


“The Academy is great. I didn’t stay over as I drive there, but I still enjoyed spending the week with my group. The trainers and the facilities are spot on.”


Despite feeling he was someone that would never go to university, Josh’s apprenticeship has inspired him to continue learning. “Thanks to my Level 3 qualification I qualified for an Open University course in motor sport engineering. I’ve just started it and it’s working out well alongside work.


“I want to further my skills and use what I have learned to maybe one day work at the side of the F1 racing tracks – that’s the dream.”


Josh’s Manager, Rhea Lindley, said: “Josh is a really well-respected member of the team, we really are like a big family. He’s really confident in his work and does a great job, he’s also great with customers and the rest of the team.


“Working with Remit and sending Josh off to do block release at the Academy has been ideal for us. We knew when he wouldn’t be here, but that would only be a week at a time, then we’d have him full time for the next couple of months. It’s so worth it, he’s such a loyal and dedicated employee, and his skills and knowledge are constantly improving. We now have two Remit apprentices at this branch and we’re so lucky with them, they’ve been fantastic and are a real example of what an apprentice should be.”


All automotive apprentices are visited regularly by their Remit apprentice development coaches. They also visit the Automotive Academy, based in Derby, for week-long block release at certain points in the year. Many apprentices come from all over the country to train, and stay over in a local hotel. The Academy’s facilities and experienced team mean each apprentice gets the best quality training.


Remit Automotive Development Director, Mick Pilling, said: “We enjoy working with Lindleys and their apprentices. It’s a great family company and Josh has really benefited from the positive culture they instill into all of their branches.


“As a training provider we are always there to provide support to every one of our apprentices, whether it’s on a learning level or a personal one. It’s fantastic to see how well Josh has progressed through his apprenticeship, and I’m delighted to see he’s doing well in his role, while pursuing his passion in motorsport too. It’s stories like his that make the job we do here so worthwhile.”