Hi, I’m Jason Pantry and I’m currently the Business Services North Regional Manager at #TeamRemit. I’ve been asked by my Marketing colleagues to write a guest blog outlining my journey so far, in honour of National Hospitality Week


I started out in Hospitality by working part time in a prestigious hotel set on the Chatsworth estate straight from school and whilst studying at college. Upon leaving college I was then employed full time and worked my way up from being front of house staff all the way up to joining the management team. I started as a waiter, then assistant restaurant manager and then finally Restaurant Manager.

After a successful 10 years at the Cavendish and winning many awards with the hotel I then undertook my assessor qualifications whilst working there to learn how to teach and support others, and this lead to my first job in training.

After leaving the Cavendish I then went to work at a local training provider delivering hospitality qualifications and worked my way up to being a Internal Verifier.

I subsequently moved onto another training provider called STL and worked my way through the ranks there from an assessor, Internal Verifier, assistant manager, regional manager and then to the Head of Sector for the whole of Hospitality.

Working in front of house hospitality was brilliant, there was never a dull moment and I have many fond memories meeting world famous actors, sportsmen, comedians and even appearing on television programmes!

Whilst it was hard work with many hours and split shifts, you build up a great deal rapport with other team members who also become lifelong friends who end up moving around the world.

I moved into training so I could pass valuable skills and knowledge to others and train the next generation.

What I enjoy about my role now there is never one day the same and having to think on your feet all the time, whilst its hard work and demanding and stressful its always good to end the year on a high and look back at what you and your team have achieved every year.