It might be your apprentice’s first interview, and it might be your first time interviewing for an apprentice, which can be nerve wracking all round! To help you out, we’ve put together some top tips for making sure your apprenticeship interview matches you to the perfect apprentice.

Look for their personality

Typically, an apprentice won’t have much, if any job experience. For some apprentices this interview could be their first! Instead of work experience, look for enthusiasm, a positive attitude and coach-ability. Skills and techniques can be taught and will be covered on their apprenticeship, but you can’t teach a good attitude!

Remember, they might be nervous!

As we touched on above, your potential new apprentice might be attending their first ever interview, and understandably they might be nervous. Questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no” are best avoided, instead try questions that open a dialogue such as “Why do you want to work for us?” “Can you give an example of…”

Look beyond work experience
Although your typical 16-year-old might not have much work experience, if any, their experiences in the classroom can be valid talking points when determining if they’d be an asset to your team. We’ve included some questions below that you could ask your future apprentice:

“Whilst doing your exams, you probably had to work in a group more than once. Tell me about a time you disagreed with a classmate and how you worked it out.”

Being able to work with colleagues is obviously a trait you want in your future apprentice and you want to make sure that if a problem did arise that your apprentice is confident in resolving it.

“Describe how you managed your time when you had multiple homework deadlines at once”

No matter how junior a role, and no matter what sector they work in, time management skills are key to success. Asking interview questions like this asks your candidate to consider their time management skills and gives you insight to how they work with multiple deadlines.

“At school, during team work, tell me about a time you took a leadership role.”

A question like this will show that your apprentice can take the initiative on projects and work well with your other employees. It’s great to have members of your team with leadership qualities, and you can help develop these on your apprenticeship programme.

Most of these questions look at how an apprentice has handled situations in the past, which when related to a school environment work perfectly for recent school leavers.

Get started on your apprenticeship journey

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