The time has arrived to embrace change, ready your company for the changing ways of business engagement & needs and bounce forward confidently with 100% funding through Levy Transfer supported Apprenticeship Training.

Acknowledging Unprecedented Difficulty and the Challenge of Change

Over the past few months, the UK has introduced gradual changes that have allowed individuals and businesses to take tentative steps away from the severe restrictions to safeguard against the COVID-19 virus. On the 15th June, England took the additional step of allowing the return to business of non-essential retail shops & outlets, and hopeful steps towards economic recovery.

The social and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for the UK, Europe and Internationally is unquestionable, as are the enormity of the difficulties faced by individuals and businesses through 2020 and into 2021. The successes of economic growth over the past decades are facing a sharp drop, national GDP is in decline while unemployment figures climb – as confirmed by the Office of National Statistics. All this despite the unprecedented steps the Government has taken the to support as many businesses and individuals they can through the furlough scheme, grants, and business loans.

Businesses across industries are having to adapt to ensure short term survival, while planning to ensure recovery and longer-term growth. How to transform to meet ‘new norms’ is an underlying question, in part facing the problem of changing business needs and operations, whether employee roles as well as the recruitment of new staff to fill new posts.

Transformation of Business Across the UK

Almost every business is responding to a need to adjust or transform to accommodate a new ‘norm’. But this need is not new, with employers across industries already identifying skills gaps within IT & Digital skills and the potential benefit to businesses & industries. Technical products and services are becoming increasingly embedded within every sector and industry and the ability to invest in advancement in technology to drive productivity and growth and open new opportunities and markets is becoming even more important.

Prior to the beginning of 2020, National facts and figures provided strong indication of Digital Skills shortages, an average just above 21% of adults confirmed to not having core basic digital skills. This impact was particularly felt across SMEs with close to 700,000 employees with low digital skills, while ironically over 80% of job advertisements, including ‘non-tech’ role included IT as a requirement. As industry and businesses change to take advantage of new technologies such as IT hardware and software products, networks, and cloud services, comes the requirements of specialist skills and capabilities. The advancement of technical roles, whether within development, support or analyst positions is a greater requirement, as are those within digital marketing. This comes with benefits to businesses operating in expanding markets and individually in terms of significant increases to salary.

Supporting Recovery & Growth

Council Authorities across England are facilitating funding opportunities for SME businesses and individuals for Apprenticeship Training to help increase IT & digital skills along with other valued areas benefiting business. Examples include, Gloucestershire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire County Councils, the West Midlands Combined Authorities and Nottingham City Council – the latter announcing a £2m fund for SMEs to create apprenticeship opportunities for Nottingham City businesses & residents. The aim for each authority is to provide quality, high value apprenticeship programmes with the rewards of advancing individual careers and promoting businesses to be more successful.

The Apprenticeship Levy & Levy Transfer

In 2017 the Government introduced a new Apprenticeship Levy.  Employers with a wage bill of £3m or more pay 0.5% to HMRC which is then used to pay for the delivery of apprenticeship programmes in England. The levy is designed to stimulate productivity growth in the UK through increasing training particularly in key skills to meet current and future demand.   Experience shows apprentices deliver higher productivity, stay for longer with their employer and have higher overall levels of satisfaction compared to those who have not undertaken an apprenticeship.

The large employers who pay the apprenticeship levy can use the fund for their own needs but can also allocate up to 25% of their levy fund to contribute to the cost of delivering apprenticeship programmes in smaller companies, a process called Levy Transfer.

Opportunities for SME Employers through Levy Transfer

A Council Levy Transfer guarantees small-medium enterprise business help through the initiative with apprenticeship training for individuals or groups,

  • At no additional cost. (No need to pay the 5% co-investment fees)
  • Potential of received £18,000 of training for apprentices for free
  • Helping new staff recruitment or Up skill of existing staff

Remit Training: An Approved Council Training Provider

Remit Training is an approved award winning, National Training Provider, Ofsted rated Excellent for Leadership & Management and Good overall. We have successfully provided training across multiple sectors including, Management & Leadership, Business, Retail, Hospitality, Care, Food and Automotive. Our customer employer – learner – provider approach is to create an excellent working relationship, listening to specific needs, communicating clearly, working with care and with exceptional professionalism.

Since 2017 we have provided Councils, Levy and SME businesses clients with IT & digital skills apprenticeships. Our success rates with learners achieving Merit or Distinction grading is well above the national average compared to alternative providers. We offer a widening range of programmes including, IT Solutions Technician, Software Development, Digital Marketing and for IT Technical Sales as examples.

We would be excited to speak with SMEs keen to take advantage of relevant Levy Transfer schemes, provide full guidance and assistance with Digital Accounts together with talking through our programmes, approach to delivery and working successfully. To register your interest and gain further details, please contact, Mark Turner, Head of Sales IT, or on 0115 975 9550.