In 1995, organisation thinker, Charles Handy, wrote about the future of work and the new ‘upside down’ competitive realities in the world of work and of leisure. Nearly a quarter of a century later much has happened as he predicted and much is yet to materialise. In his book, Handy stressed that we’re often unaware of changes around us until it is too late, comparing the situation to frogs being gradually boiled alive.

Does to this analogy still stand? Are we making the changes we need to make today in order to prepare for tomorrow?

The labour market and the world of work are going through seismic changes, but how could and should this change the way we recruit and train? What is the role of employers in supporting lifelong learning 2.0 and how could technology help facilitate this through e-learning, e-assessment, augmented and virtual reality? How different should our apprenticeship and skill system look to respond to these changes and what lessons can we learn internationally? Not just from the likes of Germany, but from India, Singapore and South Korea?

At an event hosted by Remit Group next month, organisational research and labour market consultant, Martin Christian-Kent will explore these issues. His insight into global trends and analysis will offer delegates the chance to see how employers – and their workforce- should prepare in order to take advantage of the critical skills and labour market issues that could be dominating the UK market place in the coming years.

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“Too often we don’t get the opportunity to step away from our daily priorities and take stock of key global trends and what they could mean for our skills system, including the way we recruit and develop tomorrow’s workforce; the types of work they will be performing and the sort of training they will need to perform in these roles.

“There is much being written about the changing world of work, but far less on the changing face of skills development to adapt to these changes. The insight provided form the evidence that is available can help us try to answer some of the key questions businesses will face in the coming years”, says Martin.

Martin will speak at the event, hosted by Remit Group, entitled ‘Art of the Possible’, for senior HR and training and development professionals and those that manage apprenticeship programmes or are considering implementing one.

Drawing on his knowledge of the latest international and national research, Martin will use his key note presentation to highlight the impact of demographic trends, migration and automation on the labour market and skills requirements. He will explore the trend of globalisation and how this will affect demand within certain sectors. He will discuss the impact of global climate change on skills and jobs and the continued growth of part-time jobs, outsource and the gig economy.

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