Digital marketing within a company’s infrastructure has never been more important and with 76% of businesses claiming to have a digital skills shortage, there is  a significant concern that this will not improve.

While measures are in place to improve digital education, training and employer support, there is an in-balance between the need for digital skills across all industries and the talent pool available.

When taking a closer look at the digital marketing sector it has revealed that 39% of senior marketers in the UK do not properly understand digital marketing and 87% of the UK marketers only have entry level digital marketing skills. With the speed that digital marketing is moving and progressing, a large proportion of companies are being left behind without the skills and expertise required.

To help tackle this problem over 200 organisations recently worked together to develop the new IT Standards under the Trailblazer initiative.

This  initiative offers employers a number of up-skilling options for existing employees or new recruits to help them fill gaps in their IT workforce. The new Standards not only include a Digital Marketeer qualification but also offer IT Infrastructure and IT Sales which in their new format, can be easily adapted to the employer’s business and practices.

This coupled with the new apprenticeship levy, which will push for 3 million new apprenticeship starts by 2020, signifies positive change ahead in the digital skills sector

Using the apprenticeship route has demonstrated , with proven results,  increased productivity for employers and a significant improvement in skills. The new models, include flexible and tailored training programmes, which are making apprenticeships a very  attractive option for many employers.

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