Following a Business and Information Technology degree, read at Kent University, David Alele, headed into Estate Agency to test his sales skills. Now he is moving up the career ladder with an IT Sales Apprenticeship.

Despite IT being a major focus of his undergraduate study, David felt he needed more practical skills in order to forge his ideal career. He combined the best of his sales skills with his technical interest and has completed an IT Sales Apprentice at Exponential-e, a leading provider of cloud, data, communications and cyber security solutions, supported by Remit Group.

Says David, “University was heavily theory based, not very practical. We did a lot of learning about technology, but we had little chance to apply it. At Exponential-e I was able to apply my theoretical knowledge to businesses and how they deploy the technology sold by Exponential-e.”

Following the completion of his 13-month apprenticeship David is now in a new Sales Executive role, as part of the Exponential-e Inside Sales team and using his newly learnt skills on a daily basis.

The main thing I learned from the Apprenticeship was the sales process. Even though I had sales experience within my Estate Agency role, I didn’t have the full spectrum. Now after numerous training schedules, I was able to understand from start to finish the different sales processes and how to start with a prospect and get them over the line as a customer.”

The IT Technical Sales Apprenticeship Level 3 programme has been designed by Remit Group to deliver the perfect bend of sales technique training and technical IT knowledge, which is applied to each individual client’s working processes so it can be implemented immediately.

As David explains, “Even though I had some technical experience, Remit has provided further training and insight and a deep dive into these technologies, which was helpful for me to apply it day to day at Exponential-e as I have a full grasp of the technologies we use and that customers use.”

Chris Yerrill, Sales Academy and Apprenticeship Manager explains Exponential-e’s use of the apprenticeship programme as a core element of the successful sales academy.

“We have been running academies for a number of years, but for the last three years we have been using the apprenticeship programme to complement the journey and investment for everyone joining the company.”

“The apprenticeship route, rather than a 100 percent graduate intake, for example, is a way of getting people into your business you wouldn’t normally attract and getting them to become part of your culture and values and part of your journey to build a world-class organisation.”

“The IT Technical Sales apprenticeship gives opportunities to those from any background, without previous sales experience to allow them to earn and learn and cut a career within IT sales.”

For Chris the benefits are great, for both business and employees.

“As a learner you earn and learn, you have greater job security, have clear stepping stones to develop your career and get involved with something that is incredibly exciting and growing.”

“From a business perspective you get to work with raw fresh talent from any background to mould and develop into your business. They embody your business values and you build an incredible amount of employee and employer loyalty.”

Despite some misconceptions about the value of apprenticeships versus degrees, as a graduate, David had no qualms about becoming an apprentice, using this more practical learning process as a step up in his career.

“Some people have different perceptions of an apprenticeship in comparison to a degree, but for me it was needed to steer me back in the direction I wanted to go. If I went back five years, I may just pursue an apprenticeship.”

If you are looking at doing an apprenticeship after university, Remit Group delivers a range of programmes with some great employers up and down the country.

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