Lydia Neighbour dreamed of being a professional dancer. She focused on little else. But now she is enjoying her new career as a Technical Sales Apprentice at Hewlett Packard Enterprises.

She explains, “I was very much fixed on becoming a dancer. I trained all the time, so I had little time for anything else. I did my A levels alongside my training, as a backup almost.”

When she has to finally give up on her dancing career, she chose a new route in IT.

“I don’t have an IT background at all, but HPE has treated us all the same. Some people on the apprenticeship programme have had an IT background, which was a bit daunting to begin with but HPE has made it less so.”

This lack of experience hasn’t held her back, which will be of great comfort to all those getting exam results this week and wondering what to do next.

“Since I left school two years ago there have been more and more information about apprenticeship. More people are doing them instead of going to Uni or college”, says Lydia.

“I don’t feel as pressured as if I was thrown into the deep end to a new job, with an apprenticeship you are guided through. I personally think that learning on the job is an amazing thing, it keeps it interesting, you are always learning new things and obviously we get a qualification at the end of our apprenticeship, which is going to look really good.”

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