When we appointed Remit Group at the start of 2017, we had been looking for training providers that were experts in their qualifications and to develop skills within our business. Remit showed their expertise and success rate, and we were impressed by how passionate the team were about their apprenticeship offering.

Running an apprenticeship scheme in our company has given us the opportunity to raise the standards of skills, knowledge and behaviours in our staff, and also has challenged our workforce to apply their new skills in their day to day jobs. It’s been fantastic to see that apprenticeships have opened up development opportunities in many areas of our business that have previously been difficult to upskill or develop into.

Remit Group’s experienced and knowledgeable staff have really supported and guided E.ON through our apprenticeship journey, but Remit have also been a good partner for us to dig deeper and think about the talent, career and development that we are likely to have in the future. This integration with our company and their view to future proofing our business is something that really sets Remit apart from their competitors.

Remit have been integral to E.ON’s apprenticeship strategy, not just helping us utilise the levy funding but also ensuring that they bring quality of delivery and raise the level of skills in our workforce. E.ON really appreciate the great account management that Remit offer, it’s really been an essential aspect of our partnership. The Development Coaches have worked to ensure a great apprenticeship experience and have fitted seamlessly into our business to flexibly deliver workshops and 121’s to allow us to intake and train apprentices all year round.

Our advice to other businesses looking to appoint a training provider would be to ensure that your training partner really understands apprenticeships at all levels, from management to ground staff. This knowledge and the open communication from Remit has helped us to ensure that we match the right apprenticeship with the correct job role and grow career, talent and development mindset.

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Remit to drive capabilities as well as social value by maximising our Apprenticeship Levy to future proof our business and people.

Darren Cook 

Apprentice Coordinator 

Eon Energy