If you’re looking to make the next step in your career with an IT Apprenticeship, it’s important to tailor your CV to the role, as well as the industry you’re applying for. Competition for IT apprenticeships can be fierce, especially in specialised roles such as software development. So, how can you make your CV really stand out from the competition?

IT Recruitment Manager Sam Mitchell told us, “There’s a few things we look for in a CV when we’re filling a role, but I think the main part is why the candidate is interested in IT. It’s really important to us that we match the applicant to the right role and finding out why they want to work in IT is a key element in that.”

Another aspect that Sam says employers are looking for is knowledge and experience. As an apprentice you aren’t expected to have formal workplace experience, but you might have had experience in other ways. For example, if you’ve built websites, apps or games that’s great software development experience!

Other experience and knowledge that Sam looks for includes coding and proficiency with Python, Javascript or C#. Networking knowledge is also a plus, with knowledge and/or experience with LAN, DNS or setting up home networks. If you enjoy building your own PC’s, taking them apart and upgrading them, Sam says that’s also great experience that can make a CV really stand out.

“You don’t need to live and breathe IT but employers do like to see that your interests include IT activities. Relevant hobbies that really strengthen your application could include, computing, building PC’s and coding games. But more important is an enthusiasm and keenness to develop skills and learn more about the world of IT.”