At Remit, we always want to ensure the service we provide to you is useful, reliable and relevant. To enable us to maintain this level of service on our website it is important that we understand how it is being used by the people that visit it. To allow us to monitor this sometimes we may need to use something called a cookie to see what is happening. A cookie is a very small file that is placed on your device (computer or mobile phone) when you first visit a website. The cookies we use provide us with vital information about how you are using our website. We collect this information to ensure that we are providing a website that is useful to you. It also allows us to see how many people are visiting our website; this means we can ensure that our website is fast enough to handle the number of visitors it receives. The cookies that we use cannot identify you personally or provide us with access to your personal information, nor do they provide us with any information further than letting us know how you interacted with our website. They are nothing to be concerned about and have no impact on yourself in any way – other than allowing us to provide a better service for you.

Here are the reasons we collect this information:

  • It helps us to know where you found out about us, this is important, as we need to know how people hear about us or find us.
  • It allows us to know which pages of the website are being used the most. This means we can improve your favourites and also direct you to others that we think are useful to you. We can also remove and improve the ones you don’t like or use.
  • Counting how many people use the website allows us to ensure we have the speed and capacity to support the demand of our users.

The way the cookies are used on your computer is entirely your choice. You can amend the settings in your browser.

Other use of cookies

There are other types of cookies that you may need to be aware of:

First party cookies: these cookies are owned and controlled by the website. These are usually to assist with the functionality of the website and without these certain websites are unable to function properly. These cookies are usually used when you are completing forms or making purchases on websites. Remit ( does not use these cookies.

Third party cookies: these are cookies are used through other websites tools and features which we are using on our own website. Examples of this are Facebook and Twitter, the cookies here are controlled by them and not Remit (

We use tools and features from certain companies who use cookies on their website. Remit ( does not have control over these cookies. You can check the third party’s website for more information about their use of cookies and policies surrounding this.


The cookies that we use:

Google Analytics

Above are the cookies that are used by Remit ( As mentioned before, you have the ability to control these through your browser. These cookies only collect information about how you have interacted with and do not have the ability to identify you or any of your personal information, nor do they allow us to see any information other than your interaction with The information provided by the cookies we use cannot be traced back to an individual and only provides us with data as a collective figure.

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