The introduction of the apprenticeship reforms in 2017 has allowed companies like Coca-Cola European Partners to break the mould on traditional apprenticeship pathways and broaden life-long learning for all ages.


We had traditionally used apprenticeships for our engineering technical requirements, but now our apprenticeships range from Business Administration right through to Solicitor programmes.  It’s showing students, parents and educators that there is more than one route to achieve your qualifications and full academic potential.


2020 will be the launch of our degree programmes, so we will compete with the academic world for that next generation and demonstrate that you don’t have to go to university full time to gain a degree, but can do that with a world leading brand and still have the university experience without the debt and equally as important build that work experience which will be invaluable for the future.


Apprenticeships now are not just about early careers, but creating the opportunity for those who wish to return to learning.  We have opened up opportunities for our employers to build as part of their development academics qualifications by utilising the apprenticeship levy.  One of our employees on programme is about to mark a milestone birthday, never thought that she would return to learning, but when she made the decision to change career direction, being able to undertake an apprenticeship in learning and development, gain an industry recognised qualification, demonstrates the power of the apprenticeship reforms.