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At Remit Group we are passionate about apprenticeships and making sure that all school, college and University leavers have access to the range of vocational education and training options open to them, to help them make the right choice for their career and future.

We recognise the important role Careers Advisors play in supporting these early career decisions, so we have created a place to access essential information and toolkits to help you in your role.

If you don’t find what you are looking for then please get in touch and a Remit colleague will contact you to see how we can help.

What is an apprenticeship?

Essentially, an Apprenticeship is a full-time job with training, both on and off the job. Once completed, the apprentice has both the technical, knowledge and practical skills and displays the behaviors and attitude to  be able to progress in their chosen career path.

Like any other employees, apprentices earn a wage while they train and accrue paid holidays of at least 20 days per year, plus bank holidays.

The current minimum wage for an apprentice is £3.90 per hour. This rate applies to apprentices under 19 and those aged 19 or over who are in their first year of an apprenticeship.

Apprentices are paid for their normal working hours, the training they undertake as part of their apprenticeship and their holiday.

Many organisations pay above the minimum wage and offer incentives throughout the apprenticeship.

Apprentice FAQ’s

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Advice for parents

Careers advisor guide

Post-16 Decision Tree

Apprenticeships information booklet for young people

More about Apprenticeships:

What are the levels of an Apprenticeship?2019-07-17T09:16:33+00:00

There are four different levels of apprenticeship:

  • Intermediate – Level 2: Equivalent to five good GCSE passes
  • Advanced – Level 3: Equivalent to two A Level passes
  • Higher – Level 4/5: Equivalent to a Foundation Degree
  • Degree – Level 6/7: Comparable to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
How will training be delivered?2019-07-17T09:16:00+00:00

Apprenticeship training is often provided in partnership with the employer and an apprenticeship training company, this could a local college or a national training provider who specialise in apprenticeships like Remit Group.
Apprenticeships can take between 12 months and four years to complete depending upon the role and level.

What are the entry requirements?2019-07-17T09:15:24+00:00

Entry requirements vary by role, sector and apprenticeship level and this information is given in the job description when an apprenticeship role is advertised.

Who are apprenticeships for?2019-07-17T09:14:50+00:00

Apprenticeships have traditionally been seen as a route for school leavers only and for more practical career pathways, but apprenticeships are now available across a wide range of professions and sectors and are open to all ages in a variety of a job roles. These can include digital marketingautomotive technician and operations manager, so whether a student is completing GCSEs, A-Levels/BTechs or a Degree there are many apprenticeship options to explore.

Apprenticeships are seen to be a key route by the government to ensure that the UK has the right skills for the future, and many large companies and household names now have apprenticeship programmes.

Benefits of an Apprenticeship:

Learn from experts2019-07-16T13:50:23+00:00

Apprentices will be supported in their development from experts in the field and who are there to help them succeed.

Employers value apprentices2019-07-16T13:49:34+00:00

The majority of employers said apprenticeships improved the quality of their product/service*


*Government key facts 2017

Increased future earning potential2019-07-16T13:47:51+00:00

Level 3 apprenticeships can boost earnings by up to 16%* ,and higher apprenticeship could see increased earnings of an estimated £150,000 over their lifetime


*Government key facts 2017

Excellent progression opportunities2019-07-16T13:47:08+00:00

Apprentices can gain real work experience, which is highly valued by employers, and a step up in their career whether they remain with their employer and/or take on the next level apprenticeship.

With apprenticeships you can earn while you learn2019-07-16T13:46:31+00:00

As the training is funded by the employer, there aren’t the student loans and debts that might be associated with University routes.

Apprenticeships are now available up to degree level and beyond.2019-07-16T13:45:56+00:00

Companies are now looking to apprenticeship programmes alongside their other recruitment streams to develop their talent pipelines and skilled workforce for the future.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to fast forward a career2019-07-16T13:45:21+00:00

With recent Government initiatives, both the Government and employers are investing in apprenticeships training. Nearly half a million people started an apprenticeship in 16/17*

How to apply for an Apprenticeship:

Explore– The start point for any student is to explore and understand what careers might appeal to them.

Find – Once they’ve done this they can start looking for an apprenticeship.
There are 1000s of apprenticeships available all year round and across the country. They are generally advertised on the  government website 

Apply – Just like any job application, students will generally need to complete an application form and send a CV. They can also apply for more than one apprenticeship at a time.

If they can’t find a role that is right for them at that time, they can register their interest in apprenticeships and when a suitable vacancy appears, the company will get in touch.

The recruitment process –  The recruitment process will vary with each organisation, but usually the hiring company will review application forms and CVs to see if the student is suitable for the role. As part of the recruitment process there may be a number of steps such as an interview (by telephone or in person), an English and maths assessment test or a practical assessment.

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At Remit we offer apprenticeships nationwide, working with large well known organisations and also local employers.

We have vacancies across a variety of sectors including business, leadership and management, automotive, retail, food manufacturing, hospitality, health and social care, and IT and Digital.

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