Heavy Vehicle Service Technicians service and repair large vehicles such as lorries and trucks. Technicians are trained in all areas of heavy vehicle mechanics and electronics, from engine and exhaust systems to air conditioning and security features.

As a Heavy Vehicle Service Technician you will need to demonstrate excellent practical skills, the ability to work quickly with attention to detail, the ability to work without supervision, good communication skills and the ability to follow written and verbal instructions. Some tasks may be physically demanding although you will use lifting equipment to help move the heavy parts.


Remit offer a range of apprenticeships for heavy vehicle covering the underpinning knowledge you will need to get started and the hands-on skills required to carry out the job.

  • Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Level 2 Framework
  • Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Level 3 Framework
  • Heavy Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician Level 3 Standard

Working hours and salary

You will normally work from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. However, as a Heavy Vehicle Technician you may be required to do some shift and overtime work as you progress through the apprenticeship.

As a Heavy Vehicle Technician, you will earn at least the apprentice national minimum wage. Once you are qualified you may expect to earn between £22,000– £26,000. As you gain more experience and complete further training you can expect this salary to rise. There may be opportunities for shift and overtime pay depending on your employer.

Career progression

Heavy Vehicle Technician apprentices will work towards their level 3 qualifications and may complete a level 2 along the way. The level 3 will take 3 years to achieve.

Once qualified as a Heavy Vehicle Technician at level 3 you could also consider a career as a Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Technician or a Refrigeration Technician.