This Level 3 apprenticeship will help teach your apprentice technicians how to assess and identify common faults, what causes them and their effects on a vehicle. Apprentices will learn the construction and operation of advanced systems, including electrical, braking and suspension, engine and transmission and engine and gear calculations. Apprentices will use a range of diagnostic equipment, learn how to interpret diagnostic information and use electrical wiring diagrams to determine system serviceability. They will also understand how legislative, regulatory and ethical requirements, including health and safety law and environmental procedures impact on vehicle service and repair.


3 years

Entry Requirements

Individual employers will set their own selection criteria for applicants.  Apprentices without level 2 English and maths will need to achieve this prior to completing their apprenticeship. Remit’s dedicated functional skills team will work with the apprentice to ensure they reach the required level.

Number of Training Blocks

15 weeks will be spent at the Remit Automotive Training Academy. There will be 15 separate one week training blocks spread across the three years.


On completion and achievement of the standard, candidates will have the opportunity to progress to Master Technician, management or to develop in their current role.


At the end of each year the apprentice will have to undertake a gateway assessment. These assessments are based around the work they have studied throughout the year and are in place to ensure the learner is competent at the correct level for their program.


The end point assessment consists of 3 distinct methods:

  • Online Knowledge Test
  • Skills Tests
  • Professional Discussion. Performance in the EPA will determine the apprenticeship grade of fail, pass or distinction.
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