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Apprenticeships have always been as a great way to start a career gaining valuable work experience and knowledge. In recent years they have benefitted from increased funding, a focus on learner quality, and investment from business so there really hasn’t  been a better time to consider this route after school, college or University. .

As a parent it can be difficult knowing what the “right” choice is for your child, even with the wealth of information that’s available. So, we’ve put together a short guide and a few articles to help you understand the world of apprenticeships, dispel the myths and help you help your child make an informed decision.

So, what IS an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship, is a job in which you receive training. Apprentices benefit from working alongside those already experienced in the industry and gain relevant knowledge to help them succeed in their chosen career.

Apprentices are paid a wage and are entitled to the same benefits as their colleagues, such as holiday and sick pay.

The employer will take on the costs of the Apprentices’ learning, this won’t be shouldered by the Apprentice – so no student debt!

Training depends on the type of Apprenticeship being studied. For the majority of programmes delivered by Remit we offer an in-situ business model, where our Development Coaches will come to the Apprentice in their place of work and coach, support and assess them. Our Automotive qualifications include block release, where the Apprentice comes to our purpose-built Academy facility in Derby for a week each month to do practical work and assessments with our team of industry experienced assessors.

Taking care of your child:

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