Getting 20% off the job training right.

As part of their learning journey, ESFA funding rules require that all Apprentices undertake 20% off-the-job training during their Apprenticeship. Off-the-job training is defined simply as any training and learning that is undertaken outside of the normal daily routine that helps support the apprentice in their role.
It sounds simple but in practical terms this requirement has caused much confusion for employers. Here we try and demonstrate ways your business can implement an effective and compliant model.

What is 20% off the job training?

“Off the job” does not mean your Apprentice needs to take a day out of work for this requirement to be fulfilled. Your apprentice will just need to be doing activities that are considered ‘outside’ of their usual day to day jobs. This could for example be shadowing a senior member of staff, or completing online training.
To help clients understand this better, here is a quick check list of what the 20% off the job is and definitely isn’t.
Off the job training could be:

  • Classroom training
  • Online training
  • Work shadowing
  • Self study
  • Professional discussion with colleagues

Off the job training is not:

  • Inductions – unless this incorporates learning, such as learning to use new software, or equipment
  • English, maths or IT skills training unless these are mandatory for the framework/standard
  • Entirely online training
  • Training outside working hours – unless this time is subsequently recognised, such as being given time back as time off in lieu

This additional learning requirement can put employers off using an apprenticeship programme as many employers assume that 20% off the job means they have to give their apprentice a day off each week, presuming they are working a five-day week. However, this isn’t the case.
Depending on the delivery model, an apprentice can accrue this time time can be accrued in blocks. For example, if you have a learner on one of our automotive programmes, they will study on block release release  at our Automotive Academy in Derby. For each week they spend at our academy the apprentice will have prescribed self-study and directed e-learning activity to complete pre and post block release which contributes directly to their required 20% off the job learning. will accrue time as the content is mapped to the apprenticeship.

Remit prides ourselves on a tailored approach to apprenticeship delivery, so our Levy experts will discuss with you what training, mentoring and development is already taking place in your company to see what will already be constituting off the job training. Chances are, your company is already doing more than you realise and this can be mapped directly into your apprenticeship programme.

For more information on 20% off the job training, or for support in using your Apprenticeship Levy pot, please contact one of our levy experts today.