So, you’re thinking of working in I.T ? It’s a fast paced industry on the forefront of innovation and it’s a very popular industry to work in, but if you’re still not sure here’s 5 reasons to start your I.T career.

  1. Variety

Long gone are the days of I.T staff just working for corporate companies. In a technical world, I.T staff are needed across all sectors in all companies. You could find yourself working almost anywhere, from healthcare to agriculture and education to non-profits, I.T workers are in demand and the world is your oyster.

  1. Creativity and logic

People tend to think that working in I.T means you need to be a logical thinker; and they’re right… to an extent. I.T often relies on logic combined with creative thinking to problem solve, meaning that your skills

  1. Money

As we explained in our article yesterday with such high demand for IT professionals, and a shortage of people with these skills, salary levels remain higher in the UK than average, even rising at around 8 times above the national average each year.

  1. Innovation

If you want to work in an industry that is a constantly evolving and work at the forefront of innovation, the tech industry is the right place to be! Technology, by its very nature will always move forward and challenge the norms, so if you want a job that keeps your skills sharp, maybe I.T is for you?

  1. Satisfaction

Working in I.T you’re naturally solving problems and helping people, whether you’re assisting on a service desk and helping your colleagues or you’re a developer creating solutions, you will help solve problems one way or another.


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