Whether you are a company hiring an apprentice for the first time, or an individual looking for a new apprenticeship opportunity, there are major benefits to using a training provider, like Remit, to manage your recruitment activities.

At Remit Group, we pride ourselves in the quantity and caliber of candidates we supply to our clients. We integrate with existing systems, hire to a clients’ specifications and make the process as easy and seamless as possible.

Hiring an apprentice is an easy as 1, 2, 3; identify your needs, let us advertise your apprentice vacancies and then support the screening, shortlisting and interview process. You still have 100% control of who you hire!

Still need convincing? Here are 10 benefits of using a training provider to manage your apprentice hiring needs.

  1. Training providers have, over time, built a wide variety of connections across their core sectors. They know the role profiles, what the industry needs and what to look for in an apprentice. This will increase the chances of getting the best possible fit for both the employer and candidate.
  2. When you are job hunting, how fantastic would it be to give your CV to just one person and let the opportunities come to you? Well, that’s exactly what happens with our Just Apply system! Candidates can apply on-line, update their profile and keep CVs updated all at the click of a button.
  3. If your company doesn’t have an in-house recruitment team but has apprentice positions to fill, who would complete the required sifting, screening and shortlisting? If this process is completed on top of a colleague’s normal responsibilities it could easily result in daily tasks being missed. So why not speak to our recruitment teams and let them do all the heavy lifting for you?
  4. We all know that there is an apprentice minimum wage, right? But what else motivates an apprentice to choose your organisation above another? Our recruitment teams can offer advice on salary and benefits. This can ensure that expectations are set for both parties before the interview takes place.
  5. Our involvement doesn’t just end when the candidate is successful at their interview. Our Development Coaches ensure both the Apprentice and the employer are happy throughout their time together, ensuring employee longevity.
  6. Confidentiality is important to all of us whether you are in full-time employment looking for something new or you’re recruiting and would like to keep your company name private from public advertisements. Using a training provider can assist with both areas as they will only pass information on to approved people / companies.
  7. To ensure that we develop apprenticeship strategies, from recruitment to programme delivery, which align with business objectives, we take a lot of time building relationships with our clients to really understand the culture, environment and employer brand. This way we get to know the company vision, and only focus on placing apprentice candidates that can thrive!
  8. Cost saving for employers is a huge benefit of using our Apprentice Recruitment Service. Although there is a cost associated with each apprenticeship framework and standard, the recruitment costs of hiring an apprentice for your organisation are entirely wrapped up in this training budget. We take care of formatting job specs, posting adverts to major jobs boards and create social media content around the roles as standard. Can a recruitment agency do this for you?
  9. It may be that you need staff on a short lead time. We have a wealth of work-ready candidates in our talent pool looking for an apprenticeship opportunity right now. Ask us about candidates in your area and we may be able to get your positions filled quickly.
  10. Our recruiters work closely with our marketing team – and yours- so they know the best places to advertise and use the best methods, based on experience, to attract the right target audience.